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4                                        XJFK  OF
hauson to Togol, dined there, and rotxirned to Potw-
dam over Oharlottenburg. At that time ho perceived
there two merry boys of ten and eight yearn of ago,
but did not foresee in what an intimate relation in
mind and heart he should one day ntnnd to thorn,
especially to the elder.
The education and first training of these boyn took
place at a time when the science of education wan, "
•with the sciences of antiquity and languages, oue of
the great questions of the day. The new met.luxls of
education which J'louascau especially advocated had
quickly found adherents in Prussia. The prebendary
Von Koohow sot a cheering example of a practical
reform In education; the wolUcnown Godiko worked
for it in Berlin, a.ud Joachim M'oiurich Cnmpo, by
birth a Brunswickian, at that time flold chaplain to
the regiment of the prince of Prunsia lu
joined the movement of reform in education*
dovv and the PhiLauthropiii, an institution in,
taught tutors and professors after tlie new method of
Housseau, and it bocanie a point of honour and of
fashion, in the educational ssoal of the age, for tlwv
higher nobility to take tutors who could unite the
practical and the tisoful with the revival of theiinelonfc
languages, especially of the Grook. Tho plan had
been originated by Hoy no iu Gottmgcm, and Major
von Hutaboldb also oboytsd theses vnHuonoow. lie
recognised in the then field chaplain of tho prinuo of
Prussians rc^ginicnt in Potsdam, in Cauvpo, a man
ixmch more qualified for educational tluux for theo-
logical duties, and, after ho had boon proiusiu^r to tho
regiment since 1775, ho took him Into bin hotiHo in
3*775, and confided to him tho preparatory education
of his two fcjons, William and Alexander, It may bo
imagined that Alexander,, being- then only nix; yearn
old, could have IBBS felt tho Influence of Hitch a man
as Oampo than William, who wan two yearn oldor;
but his Influonee over both xmwb bo acknowle<lgtui,
us the ideas of Oampo wore dove! open I in gigimfcio
proportions in both his pupiln* Uumpo, lix later